Congratulations that you now have SSCL and are ready to explore a completely new career path. This looks really exciting, but indeed is equally challenging too! But you need not worry.  You are not alone in this race. Every year, lakhs of students nationwide have the dilemma of what career option to choose for.

This isn’t an easy task, as you need to make several considerations that include – the selection of a right course, meeting the admission eligibility, competing in the job market, and securing a good job with good salary prospects.

Everything can successfully fall in place if you do proper career planning and follow the right job search strategy. Experts here at IndianBrainz give you a platform to explore some of the best courses and training where you can enroll, and thereafter get a job even without even prior work experience.

To empower the youth of the country Institute of Advanced Studies, IASE, Kerala, brings to you some excellent courses, lab facilities, placement assistance, etc to help secure your future.

Hot Career Options to Explore

Closed-circuit television cameras today are important and make use of using facial recognition technology.  Homes, offices, workplaces, shopping malls, and many other places prefer to use the video surveillance system than human eyes because, for improved accuracy, efficiency and also the events can be recorded for later purposes while CCTV is used. But the installation, monitoring, and maintenance need special skills. Enroll in the CCTV Training course at IASE and then you can seek jobs across the nation. Also, there are plenty of opportunities in this field overseas.

Fires are very common these days in multistory buildings and workplaces. Most buildings today also have fire alarms that identify fire or smoke in the building with the help of sensors. Proper installation and maintenance are important and this is what the fire alarm course teaches. The short term course teaches about access control, remote signaling options, understanding how a system should be zoned, zone isolators and when to fit them, programming addressable systems, how to correctly calculate battery time, how to limit unwatched activations, health and safety considerations, and a lot more. There is an increased scope of job opportunities for this course in India and even in foreign countries.

Optic Fiber is a trending method transmitting light these days. Contractors and various companies these days prefer skilled employees who have certified training in this area. By undertaking this course, the employee can help in cost reduction and there will be chances of fewer errors, and hence, fewer chances of any failure in installation. It is also a major emerging career option to choose with a wide scope of job availability in the technological and telecommunication sector, both in private and government.

BMS is also called as BAS or building automation system that is a control system installed in buildings to monitor and control all the electrical and mechanical systems workings including fire alarm system, internal and external power control, security mechanisms, and ventilation in the building. BMS helps in optimal energy utilization. Various companies and individuals are constantly looking for trained professionals to work with their BMS.

Lifts are increasing in numbers in various multi-storeyed and multifaceted buildings and hence, the cities have created scope and numerous job opportunities in the field of lift technology. Elevator and lift mechanics have to undertake certain things in their job that includes testing, maintenance, and renovation of lifts and related equipment; ensuring its safety operation; restoring the damaged parts/break down maintenance, servicing at regular intervals, etc. Job prospects after lift technology training include work in escalators in airports and department stores and lift shafts located in buildings, hotels, shopping, malls construction sites, factories, industries, etc.